#MerryStressmas 12th Gift: 3 easy ways to give back this Christmas

Although Christmas stress commonly happens, some of you may think Christmas holiday is the best time of the year which never causes stress on you. You probably find the tips of avoiding and reducing stress non-related to you. Today this final blog is, however, guaranteed to be meaningful and appealing to you.

Studies have found that the more that people do altruistic things, the more they feel happy and the less they feel stress. Giving back to the community is undoubtedly beneficial to both of the society and your wellbeing. Besides celebrating, Christmas season is a good time to think about helping others and support people in need.

We should not forget that many people in the world are struggling to buy a food, a gift and celebrate Christmas without stress problem. All of us should give a hand to them such as donating to charities and caring people around so as to have the most meaningful and cheerful Christmas holiday this year.


  1. Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

Many people will wake up on the Christmas morning with piles of beautifully-wrapped Christmas gifts and colourfully-decorated home. But there are still many people having difficulties to afford a gift and suffering from stress problem during Christmas.

Where: Thanks to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, you can be that magician filling up the disadvantaged people with hopes and gifts. Celebrating their 29th years, Kmart cooperates with The Salvation Army and Mission Australia for the aim at making Christmas brighter for everyone in need, including children and adults.

How: Simply placing your donation gifts under the Wishing Tree in your nearest Kmart Store can let one person’s wish come true. (Remember the gift do not need a wrap and cannot be second-hand goods)

In addition to gifts donation, both in-store and online monetary contributions are also welcomed. Other donation method includes purchasing in any Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal merchandise store and making online donation to Mission Australia.

When: The 2016 Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal starts from November 14 2016 until Christmas Eve.


  1. Volunteering

Another way to support people in need during Christmas is volunteering in charitable organisations.

Where: St Vincent De Paul Society assists underprivileged families every year and Christmas in no exception. Besides, The Smith Family is involved in distributing food hampers to feed the hungry on Christmas Day.

How: You can donate money and clothing to support their Christmas Appeal or do volunteers to sort and deliver item donations.  They require support in supplying, delivering and packing of food too.


3.Mental Health Month

Where: WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW is promoting the campaign Mental Health Month to raise mental health awareness and wellbeing as well as reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

They encourage 1) learning more about mental health and to take control of mental wellbeing; 2) learning new and exciting things to bring positive effects on mental health. The campaign is beneficial to all of us, whether have experienced mental illness or not, because it provides positive attitudes and activities towards our mental health.

How: For those who are suffering in mental illness, there are plenty of events available around NSW for you to enjoy and seek help. Some events suggestions are:

If you are not suffering from mental illness, you can give support to sufferers by joining their activities and spreading out positive messages.

When: October is such a great month!  The campaign is celebrated throughout the whole October in NSW. There are also some support groups for the mental illness people until December in different districts.

What goes around comes around. Be generous and I am sure you can gain unexpected rewards and happiness. During the joyful Christmas time, get involve in some charitable works besides celebration to show your generosity and love to the world. Making one person smile is easy but has great impact to their lives. Simply knock your neighbours’ doors, smile to them, make sure they are OK and wish them a Merry Christmas! You can save a lot of people from their mental illness and stress problem!


Welcome to like the post if you find it useful and comment your suggestions of other volunteering works. Please also use #MerryStressmas to support the stress problem sufferers during Christmas




#Merrystressmas 11th Gift: 10+ Things to do when stressed


Christmas should be a time to enjoy. But if stress comes along with it, Christmas will be ruined entirely. It is a sad thing, right?

Unlike other infectious diseases, stress problem are sometimes not obvious and easily be ignored. But it has the same serious consequences as other diseases actually. Today it is hoped that the sharing of symptoms of stress can let people be alert to the problem. It is followed by some suggestions on things-to-do at Christmas.

Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed, tensed and worried. It sometimes can be motivation but can also be harmful to metal health if in serious. It can affect normal lives and be hard to move on.

Symptoms are:


It is important to understand the situation before seeking help. Take the test down here to see the stress level:


Stress can contribute to serious chain effect such as health and relationship problems if the stress is undiscovered and ignored. Thankfully, simple techniques are enough to help manage and reduce stress.

All the stress relievers here can be taken at any time and during Christmas month.

Self engagement:

  • Do your favorite hobbies, e.g. play instruments, dance
  • Have a massage
  • Have a bath
  • DIY crafts and Christmas gifts
  • Punch pillow and squeeze stress ball
  • Do volunteering
  • Take a nap
  • Go to beach/lawn and sit in the sun (best choice to do at hot Christmas in Australia)
  • Exercise and stretch, e.g. Yoga


Eyes engagement:

  • Read a good or unfinished book
  • Painting
  • Photographing
  • Look out to window and see the green
  • Cry (never feel ashamed, it really works)
  • Go out and see Christmas Lights (anyone knows it’s free?)

Ears engagement:

  • Sit outside to enjoy the sounds in surrounding
  • Listen favourite piece of music
  • Listen to relaxation music

Mouth engagement:

Nose engagement:

  • Burn aromatherapy oils
  • Burn scented candles
  • Enjoy aroma of baking
  • Enjoy fresh air and outdoor smells, e.g. hiking

 Social engagement:

  • Watch a film with people at home
  • Give a big hug to loves
  • Take a leisure stroll
  • Have a chat with someone who listen
  • Tell someone ‘I Love You’

Hope Everyone could have a stress-free lifestyles and of course, stress-free Christmas. Welcome to like and comment the post if you find it helpful and have ideas of stress-reducing to share.


Source: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/health/a10458/stress-relieving-tips/


#Merrystressmas 10th Gift: 6 Foods and 1 Recipe to boost your mood

I have always explained the seriousness of Christmas stress and how to avoid it in the previous blogs. Today is time to recommend something you must like and find interested in order to reduce your stress and boost your mood. It’s Food Time!

I am a foodie always craving for food. I guess no one will disagree that eating is one of the happiest thing in the world. Keep reading and you can get some suggestion of food to relief your stress.


  1. Fish and seafood

  • Vitamin B12
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega 3 fatty acid

The tops choices are salmon, tuna and crab. They reduce heart disease and heal damaged cells.  Most importantly, they are especially helpful in reducing the risk of depression.


  1. Nuts

  • Selenium
  • Amino acids
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants

Suggested choices are flaxseed and pistachio. They are proved to help improve mild depression. Besides the benefits of boosting moods, they are also good in controlling cholesterol and protecting brain cells.


  1. Vegetables

  • Folic acid
  • Vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Iron

Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, and kale are the common and cheap choices. Green leafy vegetables are not only important for its rich in fibre, they are also very good stress buster. They are beneficial in making you proactively fighting stress.


  1. Avocado

  • Omega 6 fatty acids

I have to bust the myth of avocado here! It contains high fat content but the truth is the good fat content are healthy for your heart and body. Avocado is valuable to stabilise blood sugar and regulate your mood consequently. SO please do not give up avocado. Both you and it will be sad 😦


  1. Low-fat dairy foods

  • Vitamin B12 and A
  • Selenium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

Dairy can lower the risk of depression. They keep you from tense because they provide nutrients that adults need. Cheese also has significant effect to induce happy hormones.


  1. Citric fruits

  • Vitamins C and B
  • Flavonoids

They are good to boost energy and prevent stress related diseases. Drinking lemon juice can also bring you fresh mood.

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#MerryStressmas 9th Gift: 10 tips to save you from financial stress

We have gone through some tips to avoid the Christmas stress in the last blog. Yet, financial difficulty is the principal source of Christmas stress (you can check from #MerryStressmas 1 st Gift).So we should be aware of our spending over Christmas to avoid getting into the financial crisis. Today’s blog got you some financial tips.


  1. Set budget and do planning

Everyone knows a good planning is the best solution to avoid over-spending. But how should we start it? I suggest you getting clear concept of all of your financial activities and accounts. You should know your affordability instead of desirability when doing shopping. This can help you make a plan and allocate appropriate budget for all spending.


I recommend using the app Pocketbook to make a perfect personal finance planning.


  1. 2. Start saving early

Don’t wait until the last minute to doing saving. Stick to your plan and start saving early are easier to save enough expenses for Christmas. You no longer need to struggle in cutting large part of cost every day because you can spread the cost over longer period of time.

But if you could not afford, remember to cut the budget for Christmas accordingly. You should not have stress for this!


  1. Freeze credit card

Be careful of credit card trap! It can easily turn your gifts into debt. Freeze it and do not use it for the Christmas shopping.


  1. ebay-189064_960_720Try online shopping

Online shopping can save you from going into the crowd and queuing up. You can make better choice and avoid impulse buying without pressure. Online stores also have cheaper and extended choices available.

Check http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/local-ebay-deals/ to find hidden local eBay bargains before you pay. It can possibly save you double price.

  1. Look up promotional code

There are many promotional codes available online. Do the research and use the code when you checking out your shopping cart.

  1. Buy wisely

Be smart and don’t fall into the trap of ‘Big Sales’. Think twice whether the products are what you ‘need’ instead of what you ‘want’. You can set up a Christmas box for putting in your plans, research information of what you need to buy, gift vouchers and our blogs tips, to ease the Christmas shopping stress. Remember to shop around and look for deals before paying to have the best deals and avoid impulse buying.

  1. Be careful of hidden cost

It is important to check seriously before you pay. There are many hidden costs such as surcharges, service charges and transportation fee. Don’t lost your mind in the crazy sales.


  1. Sending gift wisely

We have known that all the perfect gifts are only myths#MerryStressmas 5th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ . We should not be stressed and waste money on buying useless gifts. Keep it simple and choose the gifts the recipients do really need. You can also give same give to multiple people. They will never know!

  1. DIY gift

Time to express your creativity! Someone said homemade gifts make your girlfriends happier (Boys know what to do now;) ). Do it yourself a special gifts for your loves can be more impressive and in lower cost.

  1. Give the gift of charity.

It is an alternative but meaningful tip. If you have no idea of economical gifts, consider donating to charity in your friends’ name. It’s the best gift in the holiday while saving you from financial stress and time of shopping.

christmas-wishing-tree-171016-hero-banner-headingKmart: The Wishing Tree Appeal  is a program you can consider devoting.

Please comment to share your tips with us and like if you find the blog useful.



#Merrystressmas 8th Gift: 6 Tips to relive from Christmas Stress

Do you know that Christmas is just two months away? Are you feeling excited for it? So am I! It is never too early to start discussing this big day. Now is the ideal time to start planning and preparing to ease the strain over Christmas. For those who are confusing in what to do to avoid Christmas stress, today’s blog is your best choice to get some tips from.


  1. Lie back and start planning

Don’t panic! Getting organised is the best way to secure you a stress free and Merry Christmas. Grab a coffee, lie back on sofa and make a To-do-list. Jot down all the big and little appointments, shopping list, and preparation work. Prioritise what is the most important and schedule all the tasks in a way you find the most efficient and happy with. Follow the schedule and get all the things done before Christmas so as to reduce the workload and stress on Christmas.

Important tasks examples include drafting budget planning, scheduling house cleaning and decorating, preparing gifts and Christmas party, etc.


  1. Define Christmas

Sometimes Christmas stress comes from argument and variance between you and your loving one. Sit down and have a chat with them to get a consensus of the Christmas definition. Define what is important to all of you over Christmas and compromise how the Christmas will be spent. Discuss and explain with family members and friends to get their understanding if you have financial difficulties over Christmas spending. Create your own style of Christmas traditions to have a unique and impressive holiday.


  1. Spend time with the family and friends before Christmas

Christmas is only one-day-holiday on which you do not have enough time to spend with all the people you know. You should not be stressed in attending all the parties. Prioritise who you want to spend with the most on Christmas and politely reject other invitations. You still have another 364 days to spend with those people.


  1. Remember good enough is good

Many people pressure themselves to have a perfect Christmas which has been explained as myths in the previous blog post. No one should celebrate Christmas in an unhappy way. Blindly following the rituals of perfect Christmas have no benefit but only your stress level and financial difficulties. Do not always stress on doing better and bigger. You can never accommodate every other. Be satisfied to good enough according to your ability.


  1. Ask for help

Never feel ashamed to ask for help if you have difficulties and stress. True friends and family members are absolutely willing to share your tasks and give you a favour. Instead of taking on everything by yourself, you should talk with people around, ask for their share of your work and enjoy the time spending with the beloved.


  1. Eat chocolate, smell lemon

Research has shown that the scent of lemon can boost people’s mood and eating chocolate can reduce stress. Chocolate contains elements lowering levels of stress hormones so it is significantly effective to eat some dark chocolate every day when you are under stress.

Welcome to comment and share your tips on reducing Christmas stress. Please be looking forward to the coming posts for other Christmas stress information.


source: https://www.simplestories.com/blog/christmas-planning-nancy

#MerryStressmas 7th Gift: ‘I couldn’t help crying on a Christmas street’

An interview story of a young girl suffering from Christmas depression

Christmas is, for most of the young people, a holiday for partying, for celebrating, and for blessing. Last year, however, Christmas has hit Chris seriously with depression and stress.

Christmas was a holiday representing joy, warmth and celebration to Chris too before. She had never thought of this happy holiday could be a source of her depression and stress as well. She would like to share her story with us to raise the awareness of Christmas depression and its impact.

Chris is a 20-year-old girl from an extended family who must celebrate Christmas with the entire family every year. They usually have a Christmas party in auntie’s house and celebrate with a delicious Christmas dinner as well as Christmas gift exchanging. Things had been changed for their last Christmas because Chris’s father had been fired due to the company’s financial downturn. Chris was told most of her pocket money would be cut and some of her personal savings was taken to afford the necessities and bills. She had cut all the friends’ gathering, leisure activities and started finding jobs to secure her family’s financial balance. She and her parents were under much financial pressure and psychological stress.

Although they could still make a living, they were under much stress and depression because they felt ashamed to tell other family members and friends their difficulties. Chris could not tell how many times she had already been crying and woke up with tears in the mid of night. She mentioned that days were the worst day ever in her life and felt like that was the end of the world because she could not see the future. Especially because of the Christmas approaching, her family worried a lot for the struggle in affording the high expenses during Christmas month.

However, the inconsideration from other family members and friends hit them more seriously during Christmas period. Chris and her parents were blamed for the lack of effort contributing in their party such as purchasing Christmas decoration, foods and gifts. They were especially ashamed and hopeless and felt they were losers in front of their beloved. Chris was also stressed because of her friends’ blaming about her absence of gathering and rejection of party invitation.

‘I rushed into tears in front of all family members and ran to the street. I couldn’t help crying on a Christmas street full of happy faces and Christmas celebration.’ Chris burst out when she were challenged by family members for the worse performance in academic and the decision of doing part-time job. She thought she could get support from her loved family and friends but she did not. She said she had a second of the idea of suicide come up in mind because she believed her difficulties were not cared by everyone.

Luckily her parents and some of the family members came and found her and talked with her for long. Other family members promised to give their family support and help after understanding their difficulties. Chris was also encouraged to explain to and seek support from friends and consultant as well, which is a critical point for her to relieve from the psychological problem.

Christ mentioned that although Christmas could bring people joy, it could bring stress as well, especially for those who are having financial difficulties. She emphasizes support and love from the beloved is significantly important to relieve sufferer from stress. She suggests people who find themselves having difficulties must seek help from the professionals and talk to somebody in order to solve the problem both financially and psychologically before it getting more serious.

Chris’s story has told us the problem of Christmas stress could be serious and common. If you find you are having similar problem, you are not the only one and should not feel ashamed. Instead, you should seek help from professionals such as BeyondBlue Australia: www.beyondblue.org.au.

Never give up in finding help and fighting Christmas stress.

Welcome to share our own story with us.

#MerryStressmas 6th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ (Part2/2)

Welcome Back! Here comes the second part of the perfect-gift-myth busting. Please like and comment if you find the blog useful!

Myth 2: Gift must be unique

Are you always in trouble with buying gifts because you cannot find the most unique one? The second common myth is that we must buy the most unique gift which the recipients would never buy and have never seen. We commonly relate wrongly the effort invested in choosing gifts and the recipients’ level of appreciation. Therefore, people are under much pressure in searching for something really special.

The truth is that gifts that are ‘special but useless’ must be less appreciated by compared to those which are ‘ordinary but functional’. Fancy and unique gifts are not the only choice to show your love to people. Instead, buying others gifts that they really want and need is more practical and more favorable, which can also reduce your time and stress in preparing for Christmas gifts.

Myth 3: Gifts must be expensive

As explained in the previous blogs, Christmas has much affected by commercialism and materialism nowadays, and loses its original spirits. Expensive gifts are more preferred because people believe costly gifts are with better quality and highly appreciated. Giving expensive gifts give a better impression to the recipients and show the level of your care to the relationships. In order to afford the expensive price of a bunch of Christmas gifts, people have been affected much by the financial burden.

The truth is there is no evidence to show the expensive gifts are much appreciated. What is being appreciated should be the love and message included in the gifts instead of the price. Choosing expensive gift has no effect on building and maintaining the relationship with your friends but only your financial stress. It is also not a good idea to build the bonding with materialism and commercialism included. Sometimes economic or even free gifts are more valuable because of your love and the meaning involved.

There is never something called ‘perfect gift’ in the world. We cannot and should not compensate the Christmas myth by our mental and financial health. Also Christmas is not the only day in a year to show your love and care to your beloved, meaning that you are not necessarily devoting most of your time and effort during the Christmas period. The only one tip I would like to give for choosing gift is to consider what your beloved really just want, need and like instead of aimlessly be physical one, unique and expensive. Bringing happiness to both your beloved and for yourself are the ‘perfect gifts’ in the true ‘perfect Christmas’.

Have a Merry Stressmas everyone!


Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/15/opinion/dunn-norton-three-myths-of-gift-giving/

#MerryStressmas 5th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ (Part1/2)

Another myth-breaking blog comes again! Hope everyone will love this gift.

People who normally give out Christmas gifts probably find satisfied and relived by seeing their loves one tearing gifts wrap with surprising and happy face. But for those who find the recipients obviously hate and disgrace your gift choice must feel hurt and disappointed. It is one of the reasons why people are always depressed and stressed about finding for the ‘perfect gift’.

However, have you ever consider your own ability as well during the perfect gift hunting? Some myths below will let you rethink what’s wrong with your ‘perfect gift’.

Myth 1: Gifts must be physical stuff

When you are thinking of gift ideas, your first choice is always physical stuff such as home furniture, clothes, and jeweleries. These are, however, mostly expensive and not best suitable to the recipients’ need. Stress is increased when people need to afford high cost in buying many gifts and find the gifts which most likely make the recipients happy.

The truth is that stuff is not the perfect. Ephemeral and intangible gifts are also good choices to bring happiness and surprise, as long as they suit the need of recipients. It is not necessary to be stressed in spending the whole day walking all the shopping malls in searching for the physical gift if you choose to give intangible gifts. These gifts are mostly with lower cost and free too which can greatly reduce the financial stress.

Gift of experiences is one of the good choices, which is, for instance, a Christmas meal, a special gathering activities, and a task completed for the recipients. The spirit of giving Christmas gift is all about sincerity and love. Devoting them the best experience and, most importantly, your time, are the best gifts to bring happiness to your beloved.

First myth-busting mission has been completed. There will be more to come within few days. Please keep an eye with the blog and welcome to comment below your idea of other Christmas myths that you would like to share.

To be continued…


Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/15/opinion/dunn-norton-three-myths-of-gift-giving/

#MerryStressmas 4th Gift: 3 Myths of Perfect Christmas

One quick question. Can you name one most impressive and special Christmas you have had?

This question may be easy for you to answer. And I know there must be a long list of different special and interesting Christmas stories we can hear.


Can you remember who did you spend your Christmas with last year?

Can you remember what food was served on your Christmas dinner table three years ago?

Not surprising that you cannot answer these because most Christmas you had are just simply replication of the portrayed ‘Perfect Christmas’. ‘Perfect Christmas’ consists of solely myths but nothing impressive and meaningful. We are celebrating the Christmas with stereotyped rituals mediated by movies, TVs and many more. More importantly, many people are strained of accomplishing the rituals and overspending during the holiday. Why do we need to be stressed of celebrating, spending and comprising because of the mediated myths? Let me break some Perfect Christmas myths today to redefine true Christmas spirit.

Myth 1: Perfect home

When talking about Christmas, the image of shinning Christmas trees and well-decorated home come to everyone’s mind immediately. All of our homes are ‘perfectly’ copying the style and design depicted on media. Being told by TV and magazines, we should have a Christmas trees with ornaments surrounded by tons of beautifully wrapped presents. We should have the ‘Merry Christmas’ banner hanged. We should have placed on the dining table the used-once-a-year table wares with Christmas printings. Does anyone have a unique decoration in their home? Probably only a few of you. What is the purpose of making the ‘perfect’ home which looks similar to those on TV and magazines? Are these what you want to do or what you should do? Attaining the perfect image of home has no help in making your Christmas wish coming true, in earning you money or popularity, or even in relaxing you from stress.

Adversely, you even get more stress during the decoration because you need to spare a time from your tight schedule to plan, to buy and to decorate your home. Also, you have to spend extra money in purchasing especially during the price-marking-up seasons during Christmas. It puts more burden to you tight budget as well as mental health.

Myth 2: Perfect Christmas dinner

It should not be the first time hearing people moaning because of the struggle of which parties they should spend their Christmas night with. Couples always have challenge in balancing between two grandparents getting to see their grandchildren. Youths at the same time struggle in spending the night with bunch of close friends, going different Christmas parties, or staying at home with families. It is all because every of us think Christmas is perfect when we have a full and fabulous schedules in gathering. There are also high expectations from our grannies and parents about all the extended family members returning home at this special time of the year. We follow the stereotype that Christmas must be celebrated with a wonderful and perfect Christmas dinner.

The fact is that these do not get us happier but more stressed. Yes this is true that it is perfectly happy to gather with extended families and friends but it is not necessarily be during Christmas. We are not necessarily strained because Christmas is not the only time we could gather with people. It is even more perfect if we could spare more time in visiting our grannies and friends in normal days. This can also save us from having financial difficulties in preparing luxury parties and Christmas dinner.

Myth 3: Perfect parents

Children are undoubtedly the least stress and the happiest during Christmas because they can enjoy the long holiday as well as ranges of good holiday treats. This is, however, putting burden on parents of being the perfect parents. They are expected to prepare the surprising gifts, cooking the most delicious meals, preparing the most impressive activities for their children. Children never understand the difficulties and stress their parents are facing but expect the more and more perfect Christmas every year because of the comparison between fellows and media. It is by no means that parents are perfect as reflected by these ‘Christmas rituals’.

The rituals are not only the ridiculous standard of perfect parents, but also the sources of parents’ stress. They gain higher expectations and are stressed in disappointing their children. It is hard for people with lower income to spare extra money in following the ridiculous Christmas ideals.

This tension of hope and expectation can trigger people financial stress and mental problem beyond their critical point. It is pointless to follow the perfect myths with no specific returns but only stresses. Perhaps meeting perfect Christmas expectations can help strengthen people’s relationships, but it needs not to be compensated by people’s mental health. We should reflect that what we truly want and hope to get during the holiday instead of blindly following the perfect Christmas myths.

#MerryStressmas 3rd Gift: 5 facts about Christmas spending (Part2/2)

Welcome back to the time of exploring facts of Christmas spending.

Last time we have explored 2 facts about Christmas consumerism and financial stress from Christmas. Today here will be 3 more facts waiting for you.


Fact 3: Perfect Christmas is the source of financial stress

Traditionally, we are having a Christmas party, enjoying the holiday treats besides the beautiful Christmas tree with loads of Christmas gifts underneath and celebrating with Christmas carol in the church if you are religious.

According to a survey, 50% and 48% of people think Christmas stress comes with presents shopping and costs of Christmas respectively. Under consumerism, the luxury celebrating rituals are portrayed to be the factors of perfect Christmas. We are only considered to be celebrating Christmas when we are following the rituals such as:

  • Choosing the perfect gifts with high values
  • Thinking the best gifts for everyone around
  • Preparing a wonderful Christmas dinner
  • Decorating the house with luxury
  • Mindless shopping during Boxing Days sales
  • Planning a Christmas trip during high seasons

Many people are therefore overspending because they are trying hard to accomplish these perfect Christmas rituals. Increasing stress levels come along with the overspending and endless financial hangover. Most sufferers spend without a clear budget plan and overestimate their financial ability.


Fact 4: Women are more stressed

The different responsibilities of women and men are seen in Christmas as well and lead to their different levels of stress. It is confirmed that Christmas stress is especially hitting on women than men because they are taking charge of many Christmas responsibilities. Despite of the mindless shopping habits of women, they need to take the job of purchasing gifts in bulk, spending money and time on decorating the house and preparing for Christmas parties. Not only is the high Christmas cost stressing them out, but also the heavy loads of duties. They tend to spend out-of-budget and undergo financial difficulties coming along with financial debt.


Fact 5: Celebrities hate Christmas

The last surprising fact is that Christmas celebration is not always welcomed, at least not for Lady Gaga and Diego Luna.

It is quite shocking to hear that Lady Gaga hates Christmas. She clarified that she does not like the lonely Christmas because it should be one which keeps people happy. It matches the fact that Christmas could bring depression to people when people are unable to celebrate with their loved one.

Diego Luna also expresses his hate towards Christmas because of the serious materialism. He feels bothered of the exaggerated focus on Christmas rituals and consumerism.

It is not hard to notice that Christmas consumerism is really bothering people and potentially bringing serious stress problem to all levels of people. We should be aware of the problem of Christmas stress and have a reflection of the true spirit of Christmas.



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