#MerryStressmas 5th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ (Part1/2)

Another myth-breaking blog comes again! Hope everyone will love this gift.

People who normally give out Christmas gifts probably find satisfied and relived by seeing their loves one tearing gifts wrap with surprising and happy face. But for those who find the recipients obviously hate and disgrace your gift choice must feel hurt and disappointed. It is one of the reasons why people are always depressed and stressed about finding for the ‘perfect gift’.

However, have you ever consider your own ability as well during the perfect gift hunting? Some myths below will let you rethink what’s wrong with your ‘perfect gift’.

Myth 1: Gifts must be physical stuff

When you are thinking of gift ideas, your first choice is always physical stuff such as home furniture, clothes, and jeweleries. These are, however, mostly expensive and not best suitable to the recipients’ need. Stress is increased when people need to afford high cost in buying many gifts and find the gifts which most likely make the recipients happy.

The truth is that stuff is not the perfect. Ephemeral and intangible gifts are also good choices to bring happiness and surprise, as long as they suit the need of recipients. It is not necessary to be stressed in spending the whole day walking all the shopping malls in searching for the physical gift if you choose to give intangible gifts. These gifts are mostly with lower cost and free too which can greatly reduce the financial stress.

Gift of experiences is one of the good choices, which is, for instance, a Christmas meal, a special gathering activities, and a task completed for the recipients. The spirit of giving Christmas gift is all about sincerity and love. Devoting them the best experience and, most importantly, your time, are the best gifts to bring happiness to your beloved.

First myth-busting mission has been completed. There will be more to come within few days. Please keep an eye with the blog and welcome to comment below your idea of other Christmas myths that you would like to share.

To be continued…


Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/15/opinion/dunn-norton-three-myths-of-gift-giving/


5 thoughts on “#MerryStressmas 5th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ (Part1/2)

  1. breakthecycleau says:

    Thanks for sharing these myths on the perfect gift! I often find it hard to find presents for family and friends during christmas time and reading through your blog posts has helped me a lot! I agree that not all christmas gifts need to be physical, time and sharing joy is also important!

    Liked by 1 person

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