#MerryStressmas 6th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ (Part2/2)

Welcome Back! Here comes the second part of the perfect-gift-myth busting. Please like and comment if you find the blog useful!

Myth 2: Gift must be unique

Are you always in trouble with buying gifts because you cannot find the most unique one? The second common myth is that we must buy the most unique gift which the recipients would never buy and have never seen. We commonly relate wrongly the effort invested in choosing gifts and the recipients’ level of appreciation. Therefore, people are under much pressure in searching for something really special.

The truth is that gifts that are ‘special but useless’ must be less appreciated by compared to those which are ‘ordinary but functional’. Fancy and unique gifts are not the only choice to show your love to people. Instead, buying others gifts that they really want and need is more practical and more favorable, which can also reduce your time and stress in preparing for Christmas gifts.

Myth 3: Gifts must be expensive

As explained in the previous blogs, Christmas has much affected by commercialism and materialism nowadays, and loses its original spirits. Expensive gifts are more preferred because people believe costly gifts are with better quality and highly appreciated. Giving expensive gifts give a better impression to the recipients and show the level of your care to the relationships. In order to afford the expensive price of a bunch of Christmas gifts, people have been affected much by the financial burden.

The truth is there is no evidence to show the expensive gifts are much appreciated. What is being appreciated should be the love and message included in the gifts instead of the price. Choosing expensive gift has no effect on building and maintaining the relationship with your friends but only your financial stress. It is also not a good idea to build the bonding with materialism and commercialism included. Sometimes economic or even free gifts are more valuable because of your love and the meaning involved.

There is never something called ‘perfect gift’ in the world. We cannot and should not compensate the Christmas myth by our mental and financial health. Also Christmas is not the only day in a year to show your love and care to your beloved, meaning that you are not necessarily devoting most of your time and effort during the Christmas period. The only one tip I would like to give for choosing gift is to consider what your beloved really just want, need and like instead of aimlessly be physical one, unique and expensive. Bringing happiness to both your beloved and for yourself are the ‘perfect gifts’ in the true ‘perfect Christmas’.

Have a Merry Stressmas everyone!


Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/15/opinion/dunn-norton-three-myths-of-gift-giving/


11 thoughts on “#MerryStressmas 6th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ (Part2/2)

  1. R U Over it says:

    Giving presents to our family and friends during Christmas is only a way to express our love and caring for them. We should not monetize our love under the influences of the advertisers !! Thanks for your tips they are really useful in reducing my Christmas stress 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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