#Merrystressmas 8th Gift: 6 Tips to relive from Christmas Stress

Do you know that Christmas is just two months away? Are you feeling excited for it? So am I! It is never too early to start discussing this big day. Now is the ideal time to start planning and preparing to ease the strain over Christmas. For those who are confusing in what to do to avoid Christmas stress, today’s blog is your best choice to get some tips from.


  1. Lie back and start planning

Don’t panic! Getting organised is the best way to secure you a stress free and Merry Christmas. Grab a coffee, lie back on sofa and make a To-do-list. Jot down all the big and little appointments, shopping list, and preparation work. Prioritise what is the most important and schedule all the tasks in a way you find the most efficient and happy with. Follow the schedule and get all the things done before Christmas so as to reduce the workload and stress on Christmas.

Important tasks examples include drafting budget planning, scheduling house cleaning and decorating, preparing gifts and Christmas party, etc.


  1. Define Christmas

Sometimes Christmas stress comes from argument and variance between you and your loving one. Sit down and have a chat with them to get a consensus of the Christmas definition. Define what is important to all of you over Christmas and compromise how the Christmas will be spent. Discuss and explain with family members and friends to get their understanding if you have financial difficulties over Christmas spending. Create your own style of Christmas traditions to have a unique and impressive holiday.


  1. Spend time with the family and friends before Christmas

Christmas is only one-day-holiday on which you do not have enough time to spend with all the people you know. You should not be stressed in attending all the parties. Prioritise who you want to spend with the most on Christmas and politely reject other invitations. You still have another 364 days to spend with those people.


  1. Remember good enough is good

Many people pressure themselves to have a perfect Christmas which has been explained as myths in the previous blog post. No one should celebrate Christmas in an unhappy way. Blindly following the rituals of perfect Christmas have no benefit but only your stress level and financial difficulties. Do not always stress on doing better and bigger. You can never accommodate every other. Be satisfied to good enough according to your ability.


  1. Ask for help

Never feel ashamed to ask for help if you have difficulties and stress. True friends and family members are absolutely willing to share your tasks and give you a favour. Instead of taking on everything by yourself, you should talk with people around, ask for their share of your work and enjoy the time spending with the beloved.


  1. Eat chocolate, smell lemon

Research has shown that the scent of lemon can boost people’s mood and eating chocolate can reduce stress. Chocolate contains elements lowering levels of stress hormones so it is significantly effective to eat some dark chocolate every day when you are under stress.

Welcome to comment and share your tips on reducing Christmas stress. Please be looking forward to the coming posts for other Christmas stress information.


source: https://www.simplestories.com/blog/christmas-planning-nancy


16 thoughts on “#Merrystressmas 8th Gift: 6 Tips to relive from Christmas Stress

  1. belegendairy says:

    Such great ideas especially spending time with family and friends before christmas instead of leaving it all for one day and stressing out !!! I really define “christmas” as being the entire lead up to the 25th not just the one day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beactivewithasthma says:

    I can definitely relate to your first point! I love to sit down and write a list of different present ideas for each of my family members and my friends. This makes it so much easier later on when I go to the shops 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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