#MerryStressmas 9th Gift: 10 tips to save you from financial stress

We have gone through some tips to avoid the Christmas stress in the last blog. Yet, financial difficulty is the principal source of Christmas stress (you can check from #MerryStressmas 1 st Gift).So we should be aware of our spending over Christmas to avoid getting into the financial crisis. Today’s blog got you some financial tips.


  1. Set budget and do planning

Everyone knows a good planning is the best solution to avoid over-spending. But how should we start it? I suggest you getting clear concept of all of your financial activities and accounts. You should know your affordability instead of desirability when doing shopping. This can help you make a plan and allocate appropriate budget for all spending.


I recommend using the app Pocketbook to make a perfect personal finance planning.


  1. 2. Start saving early

Don’t wait until the last minute to doing saving. Stick to your plan and start saving early are easier to save enough expenses for Christmas. You no longer need to struggle in cutting large part of cost every day because you can spread the cost over longer period of time.

But if you could not afford, remember to cut the budget for Christmas accordingly. You should not have stress for this!


  1. Freeze credit card

Be careful of credit card trap! It can easily turn your gifts into debt. Freeze it and do not use it for the Christmas shopping.


  1. ebay-189064_960_720Try online shopping

Online shopping can save you from going into the crowd and queuing up. You can make better choice and avoid impulse buying without pressure. Online stores also have cheaper and extended choices available.

Check http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/local-ebay-deals/ to find hidden local eBay bargains before you pay. It can possibly save you double price.

  1. Look up promotional code

There are many promotional codes available online. Do the research and use the code when you checking out your shopping cart.

  1. Buy wisely

Be smart and don’t fall into the trap of ‘Big Sales’. Think twice whether the products are what you ‘need’ instead of what you ‘want’. You can set up a Christmas box for putting in your plans, research information of what you need to buy, gift vouchers and our blogs tips, to ease the Christmas shopping stress. Remember to shop around and look for deals before paying to have the best deals and avoid impulse buying.

  1. Be careful of hidden cost

It is important to check seriously before you pay. There are many hidden costs such as surcharges, service charges and transportation fee. Don’t lost your mind in the crazy sales.


  1. Sending gift wisely

We have known that all the perfect gifts are only myths#MerryStressmas 5th Gift: 3 Myths of ‘Perfect Gift’ . We should not be stressed and waste money on buying useless gifts. Keep it simple and choose the gifts the recipients do really need. You can also give same give to multiple people. They will never know!

  1. DIY gift

Time to express your creativity! Someone said homemade gifts make your girlfriends happier (Boys know what to do now;) ). Do it yourself a special gifts for your loves can be more impressive and in lower cost.

  1. Give the gift of charity.

It is an alternative but meaningful tip. If you have no idea of economical gifts, consider donating to charity in your friends’ name. It’s the best gift in the holiday while saving you from financial stress and time of shopping.

christmas-wishing-tree-171016-hero-banner-headingKmart: The Wishing Tree Appeal  is a program you can consider devoting.

Please comment to share your tips with us and like if you find the blog useful.




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