#Merrystressmas 11th Gift: 10+ Things to do when stressed


Christmas should be a time to enjoy. But if stress comes along with it, Christmas will be ruined entirely. It is a sad thing, right?

Unlike other infectious diseases, stress problem are sometimes not obvious and easily be ignored. But it has the same serious consequences as other diseases actually. Today it is hoped that the sharing of symptoms of stress can let people be alert to the problem. It is followed by some suggestions on things-to-do at Christmas.

Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed, tensed and worried. It sometimes can be motivation but can also be harmful to metal health if in serious. It can affect normal lives and be hard to move on.

Symptoms are:


It is important to understand the situation before seeking help. Take the test down here to see the stress level:


Stress can contribute to serious chain effect such as health and relationship problems if the stress is undiscovered and ignored. Thankfully, simple techniques are enough to help manage and reduce stress.

All the stress relievers here can be taken at any time and during Christmas month.

Self engagement:

  • Do your favorite hobbies, e.g. play instruments, dance
  • Have a massage
  • Have a bath
  • DIY crafts and Christmas gifts
  • Punch pillow and squeeze stress ball
  • Do volunteering
  • Take a nap
  • Go to beach/lawn and sit in the sun (best choice to do at hot Christmas in Australia)
  • Exercise and stretch, e.g. Yoga


Eyes engagement:

  • Read a good or unfinished book
  • Painting
  • Photographing
  • Look out to window and see the green
  • Cry (never feel ashamed, it really works)
  • Go out and see Christmas Lights (anyone knows it’s free?)

Ears engagement:

  • Sit outside to enjoy the sounds in surrounding
  • Listen favourite piece of music
  • Listen to relaxation music

Mouth engagement:

Nose engagement:

  • Burn aromatherapy oils
  • Burn scented candles
  • Enjoy aroma of baking
  • Enjoy fresh air and outdoor smells, e.g. hiking

 Social engagement:

  • Watch a film with people at home
  • Give a big hug to loves
  • Take a leisure stroll
  • Have a chat with someone who listen
  • Tell someone ‘I Love You’

Hope Everyone could have a stress-free lifestyles and of course, stress-free Christmas. Welcome to like and comment the post if you find it helpful and have ideas of stress-reducing to share.


Source: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/health/a10458/stress-relieving-tips/



3 thoughts on “#Merrystressmas 11th Gift: 10+ Things to do when stressed

  1. furforfashion says:

    Wow such a great blog post! Definitely useful during the Christmas season and just reading your suggestions makes me feel less-stressed already :)! Will definitely use these tips the next time I am feeling stressed, and my favourite ones would be painting, reading, watching a movie and burning scented candles :O!


    • Merry Stressmas says:

      Really happy to hear that you find useful and stress-less by reading my post. Please keep following our post and get more interesting information regarding to Christmas stress. Hope you could enjoy your stress-free life and holiday!

      Liked by 1 person

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