#MerryStressmas 12th Gift: 3 easy ways to give back this Christmas

Although Christmas stress commonly happens, some of you may think Christmas holiday is the best time of the year which never causes stress on you. You probably find the tips of avoiding and reducing stress non-related to you. Today this final blog is, however, guaranteed to be meaningful and appealing to you.

Studies have found that the more that people do altruistic things, the more they feel happy and the less they feel stress. Giving back to the community is undoubtedly beneficial to both of the society and your wellbeing. Besides celebrating, Christmas season is a good time to think about helping others and support people in need.

We should not forget that many people in the world are struggling to buy a food, a gift and celebrate Christmas without stress problem. All of us should give a hand to them such as donating to charities and caring people around so as to have the most meaningful and cheerful Christmas holiday this year.


  1. Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

Many people will wake up on the Christmas morning with piles of beautifully-wrapped Christmas gifts and colourfully-decorated home. But there are still many people having difficulties to afford a gift and suffering from stress problem during Christmas.

Where: Thanks to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, you can be that magician filling up the disadvantaged people with hopes and gifts. Celebrating their 29th years, Kmart cooperates with The Salvation Army and Mission Australia for the aim at making Christmas brighter for everyone in need, including children and adults.

How: Simply placing your donation gifts under the Wishing Tree in your nearest Kmart Store can let one person’s wish come true. (Remember the gift do not need a wrap and cannot be second-hand goods)

In addition to gifts donation, both in-store and online monetary contributions are also welcomed. Other donation method includes purchasing in any Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal merchandise store and making online donation to Mission Australia.

When: The 2016 Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal starts from November 14 2016 until Christmas Eve.


  1. Volunteering

Another way to support people in need during Christmas is volunteering in charitable organisations.

Where: St Vincent De Paul Society assists underprivileged families every year and Christmas in no exception. Besides, The Smith Family is involved in distributing food hampers to feed the hungry on Christmas Day.

How: You can donate money and clothing to support their Christmas Appeal or do volunteers to sort and deliver item donations.  They require support in supplying, delivering and packing of food too.


3.Mental Health Month

Where: WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW is promoting the campaign Mental Health Month to raise mental health awareness and wellbeing as well as reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

They encourage 1) learning more about mental health and to take control of mental wellbeing; 2) learning new and exciting things to bring positive effects on mental health. The campaign is beneficial to all of us, whether have experienced mental illness or not, because it provides positive attitudes and activities towards our mental health.

How: For those who are suffering in mental illness, there are plenty of events available around NSW for you to enjoy and seek help. Some events suggestions are:

If you are not suffering from mental illness, you can give support to sufferers by joining their activities and spreading out positive messages.

When: October is such a great month!  The campaign is celebrated throughout the whole October in NSW. There are also some support groups for the mental illness people until December in different districts.

What goes around comes around. Be generous and I am sure you can gain unexpected rewards and happiness. During the joyful Christmas time, get involve in some charitable works besides celebration to show your generosity and love to the world. Making one person smile is easy but has great impact to their lives. Simply knock your neighbours’ doors, smile to them, make sure they are OK and wish them a Merry Christmas! You can save a lot of people from their mental illness and stress problem!


Welcome to like the post if you find it useful and comment your suggestions of other volunteering works. Please also use #MerryStressmas to support the stress problem sufferers during Christmas




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